Velocity Peak

Location: Boulder Beach Water Park
Type: High-Speed Body Slides
Year Opened: 2004
Restrictions: 48" Minimum


Velocity Peak is Silverwood's high-speed body slide tower. The tower is a steel structure, the only truly "non-themed" area of Boulder Beach. Three slides are located at Velocity Peak - a fully enclosed twisting tube slide, a giant freefall drop slide with partial tunnel, and a fully-exposed slide with three large humps. The fastest of the three is the freefall slide where riders reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. These are by far the tallest, fastest slides at Boulder Beach. Riders must not have any loose articles on these slides. They ride lying down, legs crossed, arms folded across their chests. When they reach the splashdown pool, riders hydroplane above the water until they come to a stop.


The slides were installed in 2004 - one year after Boulder Beach opened - due to demand for more slides and a greater offering of higher-intensity attractions. Velocity Peak is often criticized for slow moving lines, especially in relation to short slide times. However, the slides remain some of the most popular in the park, as evidenced by the long lines.

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