Location: Coaster Alley
Type: CCI Wooden Twister Roller Coaster
Year opened: 1999
Restrictions: 48" minimum without an adult or 42" minimum with adult

  • Height: 100 feet
  • Drop: 103 feet
  • Speed: 60 miles per hour
  • Length: 3000 feet
  • Other Elements: 4 underground tunnels, the first of which goes through the gift shop, the third of which contains an on-ride photo shoot.


Tremors is a large wooden twister roller coaster built by Custom Coasters Inc. (CCI) for Silverwood in 1999. It is located just west of the Timber Terror roller coaster, thus creating the "alley" from which Coaster Alley draws its name. Tremors has several distinct features including a multi-angled station, a large gift shop at the exit, through which the train passes after it's first drop, a "broken" board effect, an on-ride photo shoot, and four underground tunnels. Tremors is the longest roller coaster at Silverwood and typically the most popular ride in the park. Tremors has one blue train.


After the success of Timber Terror in 1996, Silverwood decided to add a second wooden coaster, again using CCI as the manufacturer. This time, the park chose a twister layout compared to the out-and-back layout of Timber Terror. Much of Tremors' course is out of the view of park guests, so riders experience several surprises. The park incorporated the gift shop, and a walking trail back to the Thunder Creek Picnic Pavilion, which passes under the track twice.

It has been said that Tremors is the coaster that put Silverwood "on the map" and made the park a true destination for roller coaster enthusiasts. In its early years, Tremors was ranked highly in wooden roller coaster polls as one of the best in the United States. The coaster held the world record for the most underground tunnels on any roller coaster until, in 2006, it was surpassed by Holiday World's Voyage coaster, which has five tunnels.

The ride has had some reprofiling done to the inclined turn after the second tunnel due to a rough patch of track. For the most part, the ride maintains the thrills and speed that it has had since opennig day, however, there have been some complaints that the ride has aged poorly and its re-rideability has suffered.

Like Timber Terror, Tremors only operates with only one train which creates long, slow moving lines and draws criticism. Most roller coasters of this size and scope operate with at least two trains.

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