Timber Terror

Location: Coaster Alley
Type: CCI Wooden Out-And-Back Roller Coaster
Year Opened: 1996
Restrictions: 48" minimum without an adult or 42" minimum with adult

  • Height: 85 feet
  • Speed: 55 miles per hour
  • Length: 2700 feet


Timber Terror is a large wooden out-and-back roller coaster. The ride opened in 1996 as Silverwood's first wooden coaster. The ride travels in a classic out-and-back path, with multiple hills producing several moments of "air-time". The ride ends with a giant, minimally-banked helix. Restraints include seatbelts and a lapbar.


Timber Terror was the first of the two Custom Coasters, Iinc. (CCI) coasters built for Silverwood Theme Park and originally opened with all-brown trains. The ride was originally called the "Grizzly" but this was later changed after Paramount's Great America sued Silverwood over the rights to the name, as they already had a coaster with the same name. The ride also has the distinction of being the first "custom" designed roller coaster built for the park.

The ride was cleverly built to run parallel to US Highway 95, and became the signature attraction of the park. It was also the first ride to draw major attention to Silverwood and was praised by roller coaster enthusiasts for it's simple, yet effective design, and intense ride.

Like all coasters at Silverwood, Timber Terror contains only one train. This results in very slow moving line times and is frequently a source of criticism for the park.

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