Sky Diver

Location: Coaster Alley
Type: Chance Sky Diver
Year Opened: Unknown. Relocated to Coaster Alley in 1996, dismantled in 2005. All-new Sky Diver opened in 2006.
Restrictions: 54" minimum


The Sky Diver is a spinning flat ride manufactured by Chance Rides, Inc. The ride looks similar to a ferris wheel, except that the individual vehicles face forward and can be rotated on an axis by riders, using a steering wheel located in each vehicle. The ride was extremely popular during the 1970's and could be found at many fairs and traveling carnivals across the country. The Sky Diver does not allow single riders, and has the tallest height requirements of any ride at Silverwood.


In the early days of Silverwood the Sky Diver was one of the most thrilling and famous rides at the park. It was originally located where the current "High Striker" test-of-strength game sits today, between the Titl-a-Whirl and the Krazy Kars, in the Country Carnival section of the park. The ride was moved to Coaster Alley to balance out the ride count in this new area of the park when Timber Terror opened.

The Sky Diver was dismantled during the 2005 season when it became too costly to maintain. This removal was met with criticism from park visitors who flooded the guest feedback offices with complaints. An all-new Sky Diver was purchased and installed in the same location for the 2006 season. The new ride moves at a faster speed and is brightly colored, contrasting with the Tremors roller coaster behind it.

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