Rumble Falls Tube Slides

Location: Boulder Beach Water Park
Type: Tube Slides
Year Opened: 2003
Restrictions: 48" Minimum without a life jacket; 42" Minimum with a life jacket


Rumble Falls is a set of four tube slides located at Boulder Beach. The slides opened with the grand opening of the park in 2003. There are two completely enclosed slides, which do not allow light and result in a completely dark experience. One slide is half enclosed, half exposed. The fourth slide is completely exposed. Exposed slides provide a slightly wilder ride with more twists, turns, and dips due to the fact that riders can see where they are going and can properly brace themselves. The enclosed slides are more tame but the dark atmosphere makes theme seem more intense as riders cannot anticipate where they are going. Tubes are mandatory on Rumble Falls. Tubes come in single or double. Some tubes also have an enclosed donut hole which results in a small seat for riders to sit on (rather than a traditional open center). Riders can either purchase a rental tube for the day which they can keep with them, or else they must wait at the splashdown pool for someone (who does not have a rental tube) to finish sliding and pass their tube on. Silverwood employees at the splashdown pool oversee this process.


The Rumble Falls slides do each have a name, though these names are not listed or advertised anywhere in the park and are at risk of becoming forgotten. The slides are named - Pioneer Plunge, Boca Loca Chute, Sidewinder, and H2 Uh-Oh.

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