Polliwog Park

Location: Boulder Beach Water Park
Type: Interactive Family Play Area
Year Opened: 2003
Restrictions: 36" Minimum on Tiny Toot Shoot, Fawn Falls, and Polliwog Plunge. 48" Minimum on Beaver Trail Run, Silver Streak, and Slippery Gulch. Life Jackets cannot be worn on Polliwog Park slides. No lap seating.


Polliwog Park is a large interactive water play area located in the Southwest corner of Boulder Beach. The area is designed for guests of all ages and includes waterfalls, squirt guns, hoses, and seven different water slides. The entire structure is topped off with a 580-gallon dump bucket that pours over the area approximately every 10 minutes. Polliwog Park has mid-sized smaller body slides called Beaver Trail Run, Silver Streak, and Slippery Gulch. Each of these slides ends in a splashdown pool. Those in line can dump water buckets and spray hoses on those riding. There are also smaller slides - Tiny Toot Shoot, Fawn Falls, and Polliwog Plunge, which are geared toward smaller children that are essentially like dry park slides with water on them.


Polliwog Park proved to be a huge success for Boulder Beach with adults as well as children. The popularity of this area spawned the need for a second children's play area - Toddler Sprngs - to be constructed during the Boulder Beach expansion project of 2007.

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