Panic Plunge

Location: Coaster Alley
Type: Larson International Drop Tower
Year Opened: 2006
Restrictions: 48" Minimum

  • Height: 140 feet
  • Drop: 120 feet
  • Speed: 47 miles per hour


Panic Plunge is Silverwood's drop tower located in Coaster Alley, on the former site of the Balloon Bath. Riders are lifted to a height of 140 feet and then released into a 120-foot freefall plunge, reaching speeds of up to 47 miles per hour. The seating faces outward and the seating is such that riders cannot see when they have reached the top of the tower. Panic Plunge opened in 2006.


Silverwood announced the attraction in the fall of 2005 and was originally to be topped off by Garfield, the mascot of Silverwood. The ride was the first to feature a "name the ride" contest sponsored by the park. Panic Plunge was heavily marketed and eagerly anticipated by guests as it was the first new major attraction to the theme park since the 1999 opening of Tremors. The ride opened with the opening of the park in 2006 and to this day draws large crowds of both riders and watchers.

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