Location: Coaster Alley
Type: Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang Steel Roller Coaster
Year Opened: Not yet open; scheduled for Summer 2008
Restrictions: Not yet know; at Six Flags Great America the ride had a minimum 54", maximum 72" height restriction.

  • Height: 191.7 feet
  • Drop: 177 feet
  • Speed: 65.6 miles per hour
  • Length: 1204 feet of track, traveled twice - once forward, and once backward.
  • Inversions: 3 - one vertical loop and one cobra roll. Inversions are traveled twice - once forward, and once backward.


Aftershock is Silverwood's Giant Inverted Boomerang coaster manufactured by Vekoma. The ride is scheduled to open in the Summer of 2008 and is currently under construction. Riders board a suspended coaster train with the track above them, their feet hanging exposed below the seats. The ride pulls riders backward up a 90 degree tower to a hieight of almost 200 feet. It then releases the train straight down and through a cobra roll, a vertical loop, and into a second vertical tower. The train is then pulled up this second tower and released backward to take the trip in the reverse direction. Aftershock is located at the far south end of the park, behind Tremors and the Thunder Creek Picnic Pavilion.


In Winter 2007/2008 rumors began to circulate that Silverwood would be adding a new roller coaster and almost immediately online message boards leaked the informtaion that they had purchased a "Deja Vu" coaster from one of the Six Flags parks. This news was immediately met with criticism and question as these rides were known to have major mechanical issues resulting in high amounts of downtime and low throughputs.

On January 23, 2008, Silverwood officially announced that they had in fact purchased the Deja Vu ride from Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illnois. The ride would be moved and installed at Silverwood, to open in Summer 2008. They started a "name the ride" contest similiar to that done for Panic Plunge two years earlier. The winner was announced on March 25, 2008 as Richard Palamara, an 18 year old college student living in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Richard won a free trip to the park to take the inaugural ride.

Silverwood addressed concerns over the rides mechanics and downtime by stating that Six Flags had assured them the ride was functioning well toward the end of its operations at Great America, and that Vekoma itself had also confirmed to support and help maintain the ride.

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