Elkhorn Creek Lazy River

Location: Boulder Beach Water Park
Type: Lazy River
Year Opened: 2003
Restrictions: None


Elkhorn Creek is a Lazy River attraction at Silverwood's Boulder Beach. The ride features a shallow (approximately 3 feet deep) trench of water that travels in a circle with a forced "current". Guests can ride on rafts or simply walk or float the river. The resulting "island" that the rafts circle includes a "floating" bar which serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a sandy beach, and paths to walk. The river itself is themed with rocks and plants, and incorporates different effects such as waterfalls and water sprays coming from pipes and barrels.


Elkhorn Creek opened with the idea of being an attraction where people could relax and enjoy a beverage while floating down a tame river. However the attraction turned out to be extremely popular with guests of all ages and today Elkhorn Creek has received some criticism in the past for both being too slow and too crowded. Some lazy rivers across the country have a much stronger current, as well as a height restriction and mandatory tube policy (guests cannot ride without a tube). Silverwood purposefully opted for a slower current. This allows children to ride as well as being able to utilize the "floating bar" concept better than would be possible with a stronger current. As far as crowds are concerned, the river does have a tendency to become very full, very fast, especially due to the fact that anyone can ride, even without a tube.

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