Country Carnival

The Country Carnival is a section of Silverwood Theme Park, containing the bulk of the parks rides. In the early days of Silverwood, before the Coaster Alley and long before Boulder Beach, the Country Carnival was the primary area to visit within the park. Today the Country Carnival maintans its popularity with an assortment of older carnival flat rides, as well as its signature attractions, the Corkscrew roller coaster and the Roaring Creek Log Flume. Country Carnival also includes a variety of games, food stands, souvenier shops, and restaurants, all built within close proximity to each other. Being an older section of the park also means that the landscaping has had a chance to grow around the area and as a result, this area of the park maintains a more crowded feel than other areas.



Sky Diver relocated to Coaster Alley, replaced with the High Striker test-of-strength game.


Monster removed, replaced with Trabant.


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