Coaster Alley


Coaster Alley (also called "Roller Coaster Alley") is the name given to the southern area of Silverwood Theme Park. The name comes from the "alley" that is formed from the Tremors and Timber Terror wooden roller coasters and the path that travels between, filled with other rides and attractions. Coaster Alley remains one of the most popular areas of the park due to the fact that the majority of the rides in this area are among the highest intensity attractions Silverwood has to offer. In 2008 Coaster Alley saw another new roller coaster addition with the opening of the Aftershock steel coaster.



Coaster Alley area of park created. Timber Terror coaster added. Eating facilities added near the entrance to Timber Terror. Sky Diver moved from Country Carnival to current location.


Tremors coaster added, including gift shop. Path to Thunder Creek Picnic Pavilion added.


Sky Diver removed.


Ballon Bath removed; Panic Plunge added, new Sky Diver added.


Aftershock coaster added.


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