Boulder Beach Park


Boulder Beach is Silverwood Theme Park's water park. The water park opened in 2003 and is included in admission to Silverwood. Guests must enter Silverwood Theme Park's main entrance in order to go to Boulder Beach. Boulder Beach is located along the north end of the park, completely fenced in as a separate area within Silverwood. It was the primary focus of expansion during the 2003 - 2007 time period. The park is heavily themed to an outdoor wilderness and contains 8 large water slides (four tube slides, three high speed body slides, and one giant family raft slide), two wave pools, two interactive children's play areas (one with 7 slides of its own), and a lazy river. Boulder Beach also has a gift shop, eating facilities, and lockers/restroom facilities. Boulder Beach is open only during the summer months, generally Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. The price of admission to Silverwood remains the same whether or not Boulder Beach is open.

Maintenance and Safety

Guests should not worry about their safety in Boulder Beach. Lifeguards are present and just sitting in their pool chairs in places with a good view of the swimmers. Help and questions can be asked to them in case of emergency or needs. The sanitation and cleanliness of the place will also not be a problem. Proper sanitation and maintenance are being applied in the place.


Kiddie pools are also available for children who do not enjoy those for adults. Pool chemicals used in this pools are safe and recommended by the department of health. Kids with skin allergies should also not be alarmed. Water are treated specially for you. A specialized store selling swimming pool toys are also available near the entrance. There will also be a free swimming training for triathlete for kids ages 6-11.



Boulder Beach announced; scheduled to open in 2002



Boulder Beach opening delayed to 2003


Boulder Beach opens with the following four attractions:

  • Big Moose Bay (first wave pool)
  • Rumble Falls Tube Slides
  • Polliwog Park
  • Elkhorn Creek Lazy River


Velocity Peak expansion


Boulder Beach expansion project including three new attractions:

  • Boulder Beach Bay (second wave pool and rename of first wave pool)
  • Toddler Springs
  • Avalanche Mountain


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