Boulder Beach Bay

Location: Boulder Beach Water Park
Type: Wave pools (2 identical side by side)
Year Opened: 1st pool: 2003, 2nd pool: 2007
Restrictions: None


Boulder Beach Bay is the name of the two giant wave pools at Boulder Beach. The wave pools are fairly standard, the giant pools each have an engine housed in a building that pumps water and creates waves. The pool becomes more shallow the further away from the pump you travel, and eventually the waves crest and break on the "shore". Guests of all ages can enjoy the waves due to the varying depths of the pool. Waves are not continous; instead they cycle every few minutes in order to give the guests a periodic rest.


Originally there was one wave pool when the park opened called Big Moose Bay. The pool originally allowed not only individual swimmers, but also floating tubes and inflatable mats that can be rented from the park. After the first season, and in part due to huge crowds in the pool, the tubes were banned from the pool. To this day, only the inflatable mats are allowed in the pool.

As part of the 2007 Boulder Beach Expansion project, a second (identically sized) wave pool was built next to the first, and the entire attraction was renamed Boulder Beach Bay. The small strip of land between the pools became home to a series of private cabanas dubbed "Cabana Island" which can be rented out.

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