Avalanche Mountain

Location: Boulder Beach Water Park
Type: Family Raft Water Slide
Year Opened: 2007
Restrictions: 42" Minimum


Avalance Mountain is a Family Raft Slide and is a high intensity attraction. The slide is built on a giant landscaped man-made mountain. Riders board giant 8-man yellow tubes that are moved to the load area at the top of the mountain via a conveyor belt. Riders board and each face toward the center of the raft. The slide is purposefully full of very tight turns and dips. The raft will fly up the sides of the slide and (depending on the total combined weight of the raft) exceed 90 degrees, and actually extend partially beyond the upper edge of the slide. Each turn creates a giant splash of water that is thrown up over the top of the raft and lands on the riders. The ride is geared for the whole family to enjoy, however, smaller children will probably find this too intense.


Avalanche Mountain was installed as part of the 2007 Boulder Beach expansion project at Silverwood and was the signature attraction of this expansion. Originally, park owner Gary Norton was going to install the attraction with only its metal frame and little, if any, landscaping. It was reported that his wife was responsible for the idea of the ride traveling down an actual themed man-made mountain and into a "canyon" at the bottom.

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