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Silverwood Theme Park


Silverwood Theme Park is a large theme park located in Athol, Idaho, approximately 30 minutes north of the resort town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The park opened in 1986 with a few small carnival rides, a steam train, and an adjacent airstrip. Over the years, the park grew and added more attractions and rides including major roller coasters and thrill rides. With each year, the park's popularity increased and expansion continued.

In 2003, Silverwood opened the Boulder Beach water park, a "park within the park" featuring water slides, wave pools, and other interactive water attractions. Boulder Beach has also seen growth and expansion over the years, and transformed Silverwood into a multi-day destination. Boulder Beach also resulted in the closure of the airstrip, due to it's proximity and height.

The park is owned by Gary Norton and the Norton family and remains a privately held company.

Garfield is the official mascot of Silverwood and has been since the early 2000's. Garfield merchandise can be purchased throughout the park, and the Main Street Cinema runs Garfield movies during operating hours.

Sections of the Park

Silverwood can be broken down into several smaller sections, each with a unique theme and featuring several rides and attractions.

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